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Johan Viljoen

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Adroit Operator Screen.

Timbersoft control utilizes 44 years of kiln drying experience and the latest IT Technology. We looked at all the different variables, and identified controllable factors. We then soft-coded this into our drying system to give the client controls, which after initial setup only requires push button operation.

Timbersoft kiln controls uses off the shelf PLCs  which interfaces with Scada Open Automation Software to create a custom control set for any kiln. We can utilize any PLC/Scada system as required by a client

We further build in remote access which can either run through an ADSL/3G internet connection (preferably) or via Telkom or GSM/Cellphone dialup. This not only enables us to be "on-site" within seconds, but also enables management to view/control the kiln from anywhere in the world where they have internet access, or of course anywhere on their local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN)

Communication between Kiln-PLC and control room can be set up with wireless network communication, and the distance is limited only by the client's budget. 


Key Benefits

Customizable interface
Off the shelf technology
Extremely accurate controls
Remote access
Wireless communication




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Last modified: January 02, 2013