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Note: No weights or Strainers

Timbersoft kilns are specificaly designed to Dry SA Pine and Eucalyptus species, however other species like Cedrus deodara and Podocarpus spp.(Yellow wood) have been dried successfully. Our approach to drying and the flexibility in the drying system makes Timbersoft kilns some of the most Energy efficient, and quality retention capable kilns in the world.

We have achieved great results with both steam and hot water as energy supply.

The kilns are designed to improve even drying through improved air flow models. The overall volume of air inside the kilns are also less, which makes closer control of humidity more effective. Designed with the fans underneath the floor, maintenance is easier and safer. The other benefit of having the fans underneath is that the overall construction of the building can be lighter, as the walls and roof only has to support itself.

The frame, interior and exterior of the building is made of stainless steel, with rockwool insulation between the inner and outer wall.

Key Benefits

Less capitol expense per m3 dried
Overall Energy efficiency....more
Non corrosive construction
Easy to operate




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Last modified: January 02, 2013